Thursday, November 12, 2009

Disable Windows Automatic Updates Now

If you are a developer using Windows, do the folowing right now

1. Open Control Panel
2. Select Automatic Updates (I know you already switched it to Classic View)
3. Select "Turn off Automatic Updates"
4. Hit Ok
5. Never reconsider this action.

Its not worth it. I've written about the troubles that Automatic Updates causes, how they used it to hijack Firfefox and the joke of Ray Ozzie's calling it a success.

Now, my overnight subversion download was interrupted because Windows Updated decided it would be a good time to update my OS (a server I'm remoting into - its gone off my laptop).

I've lost a day because of this stupid feature. Never again.

At home, my wife's Vista laptop is suddenly locking up since her last update. She believes this to be a plant to get people to buy Win7. Not beyond the realm of possibility, considering the source.

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