Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Microsoft's Boldest Move Yet

This week on a regrettably Vista machine, I checked my firefox addons and saw something I didn't install: Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant. Whatever, I thought, I'll get rid of it.

Not so easy, the uninstall button is not available. A quick search found how to do it at which claims it came with Windows update.

So what is this component which is so important, Microsoft felt the need to install it on Firefox? According to Microsoft support:

...the .NET Framework Assistant enables Firefox to use the ClickOnce technology that is included in the .NET Framework. The .NET Framework Assistant is added at the computer level so that its functionality can be used by all users at the computer level instead of at the user level.
That sounds secure to me. What could go wrong? I'm curious why it doesn't do the same for Safari, which was installed on that computer, or for Chrome (which isn't). Oh, wait a minute... Its because the corporations behind them will take you to court over it!

Seriously, this is unacceptable. Firefox is not your product, Microsoft! I've spent my last cent on Microsoft products. No more. I'm switching off Windows. Now go away!

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