Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Confirmation Questions

Registration for a web site should be as painless as possible. Some sites don't get this. I recently registered on a web site which required 3 "secret" questions to be answered in case I forgot my password.

This was the most difficult part of registration- Who thinks up these?

What is your most unique characteristic?
  • Subjective? How do I answer this? Why would I answer this when the answer could be stored in plain text
What is your favorite flower?
  • Surprise, don't have one - I'm a guy
What was the last name of your first grade teacher?
  • reasonable question
What is was your first car?
  • reasonable question
What was your most memorable gift as a child?
  • don't remember
Who is your favorite person from history?
  • Is it weird that I don't have one?
Name of a childhood best friend?
  • Was a loner
Name of a college you applied to but did not attend?
  • None
Name of a favorite childhood pet?
  • reasonable
Name the first school you ever attended?
  • Is this asking me to name it? Ok, how about "The Really Big Elementary School"
Name the highest mountain you've been to the top of?
  • Your kidding me... Mount Iliveintheplanes??
What city were you born in?
  • reasonable
What is the last name of the most famous person you've met?
  • Written by someone in California, no doubt.
What is the last name of your childhood doctor?
  • How would I know this? How would I remember this?
What is the name of your favorite novel?
  • Novels are non-fiction - i.e. they are lacking facts, meaning I don't read them
What is your favorite pet's name?
  • Didn't you ask this already? Isn't this subject to change - like when the pet dies? Is this really meant for adults?
What is your youngest sibling's nickname?
  • Didn't have a nickname really
I don't think these people care about the user experience.

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