Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Rapid Fire Nov 3

Twitter Lists
I organized my Twitter contacts into lists. My largest list was "dontknow". Now going through that list and figuring out who these people are. Following a lot less of them now. Was this the goal of lists?

iPhone Envy
Coming down with a serious case of it, especially after seeing them all at Strange Loop. This is not a fad, the game has changed. Those who have it, will never do without anymore. Those who don't, want it.

Processor Architecture
Will we ever see a new server processor architecture? The x86 started in 1978. Nobody has been able to come up with something better. Not even Intel, who failed with their Itanium processor, can replace the x86. Zero innovation there.

I'll be attending the NHIN CONNECT Code-A-Thon in November. This is an open-source project to help build the National Health Information Network. I know there are lots of developers who are between jobs now. If you have Java or Web Service experience, (especially Netbeans or GlassfishESB) experience, consider contributing to the project. The community is building and you could have a great impact, and maybe even find your next employer through it.

Rare NFL Play
Sundays Rams win, while ending an amazing 17 game losing streak, was really unique in that it featured a play most have never seen in the NFL. It was an offensive safety. That's what happens when a defensive player intercepts the ball, runs into his own end zone (on purpose) and is tackled by an offensive player. Has this ever happened in the NFL before?

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