Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rapid Fire Nov 11

Twitter Status
With the new lists feature in twitter, they almost got it right. Lists are just another identity on twitter - has followers and follows people. What I'd like to see in Twitter is a list status - one entry for each list member, showing their latest status. Hmmm, maybe I'll write a quick client to do this...

Adobe's Impact If your like me, you've given up on watching those "Amazing" You Tube videos. The latest is of a basketball shot made by hitting the ball with a baseball bat from 60 yards away. I can't watch without thinking the video was doctored. Adobe, you've made it too easy. I feel bad for those who really do have amazing talent.

Blogger Images Blogger, which I use for The Schmitzer's Comment, has some really horribly implemented features, including image insertion. Here are the issues I know about:
  • Uploading from a URL does not seem to work, must download then upload.
  • Inserts at top of post, instead of where the cursor is.
  • Has small/medium/large setting, which does nothing.
  • When you are done, you have no idea if the image will be cropped in your template.
Get it together already!

Linked In Recommendations Seeing a lot of people recommending each other. This defeats the purpose. Also, don't ask for recommendations, and don't give them to people who ask for them. This cheapens the whole thing. I've currently got zero recommendations, but I've earned every one of them!

Rams Win Ok, they won. The next level of greatness will be achieved when they are actually favored to win a game. That may take a bit longer. My research shows the last time they were favored was Dec 2, 2007 against Atlanta. They were favored by 4.5 and won by 12.

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