Wednesday, September 23, 2009

5 Tips for Hosting Your Windows 7 Launch Party

From the video:

A few tips they point out (and my take)

Install Windows7 2 days ahead of time
This is going to take a long time and be frustrating. Upgrading from XP won't work. If you try to install at the party, the guests will leave before you are done.

Play with Windows7 before the party
Once again, everything will have moved. If you haven't figured out where everything is, you'll embarrass yourself in front of your guests.

Print out the activity host notes ahead of time
Interesting they didn't say you could browse them during the party. Microsoft has a history of a corruptible IP stack, and still doesn't know why.

Bonus activities won't work for everybody
Like Vista, there will be many device incompatibilities. Making hardware work with the OS is not their job, its yours.

Hosts should check out help for activities
Microsoft has not yet read Getting Real, and simply can't bear to make anything simple. You won't know what to do just by using it.

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