Thursday, August 6, 2009

What you can learn from Netflix

Interesting tidbits of Netflix Culture from this presentation:

On Talent Management
The Keeper Test: "Which of my people, if they told me they were leaving in two months
for a similar job at a peer company, would I fight hard to keep at Netflix?"
-- The other people should get a generous severance now, so we can open a slot to try to find a star at that role.

On Freedom
"Responsible people thrive on freedom and are worthy of freedom."
"Our model is to increase employee freedom as we grow, rather than to limit it..."

On Process
"Process-focus drives more talent out"
"Good processes help talented people get more done..."
"Bad processes try to prevent recoverable mistakes..."

On Vacation
"There is no policy or tracking"

On Expenses
"Act in Netflix's best interests"

On Management
Context, not control.

On Pay
"Pay top of the market is core to high performance culture"
No fixed budget or raise pool
Employees can trade salary for stock options

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