Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stone Stacking

This summer's vacation was to Beverly Shores, Indiana. Its a natural preserve on the south shore of Lake Michigan, and home of the largest living sand dune in America. A 90 minute train ride gets you into downtown Chicago.

While at the lake, we invented a game, called stone stacking. Its a challenge to find and stack a tower of the most stones. The rules are these:

1) Each stone can touch only two other stones, the one above it and the one below it. The exception are the top and bottom stones, which can touch only one.

2) Only native stones found on site are used, you can't bring your own.

3) Stones must be used as-is, you cannot shape them to make them more stackable.

4) Foreign objects (like sand) cannot be used to assist stacking, but incidental contact is fine.

5) The tower must stand by itself without help long enough for its stones to be counted to qualify.

The winning tower had 28 stones. If you can beat that, take a photo, post it somewhere and tell me about in in a comment.

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