Thursday, November 20, 2008

Double-Crossed by big Oil

Not long ago, when we were paying $3.99 a gallon for gas, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I started dollar cost averaging my gas purchases, and always purchasing $30 of gas. Purchasing like a mutual fund, I bought more gallons when the price was low and fewer when the price was high. This made me pay lower cost per gallon than just filling up each time.

The oil companies have fought back by quickly lowering their prices in response to my tactic. Well, they have won. The last time I visited the pump, I paid $1.69 and was unable to fit $30 in my tank!

You just can't win in the oil game.


Jeremy said...

That is retarded. You can't dollar cost average gas like that. Did you still buy the same amount of gas per month? No you just filled up more often.

Jeff Schmitz said...

Jeremy, thanks for your comment, but no, its not the amount of gas you buy, its your cost per gallon.

Do the math - I paid less per gallon.